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Here Are the COVID-19 Legal Risks You Need to Know About Now

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Small print is getting enormous attention as the novel-coronavirus crisis triggers what promises to be a tsunami of college litigation and insurance claims. Billions of dollars are at stake, and suits related to the pandemic will last years, according to more than a dozen higher-education lawyers, risk-management consultants, and insurance experts.


Natasha Romagnoli, a partner in the insurance-recovery practice of the law firm Blank Rome, said that “it’s really critical for every college to create an outbreak-response team” with representatives from academic affairs, health services, housing, security, communications, food services, residential affairs, and other offices. “Bring people together to talk about the different risks that they’re seeing,” she said, “and you’re eliminating any silo effect.”

"Here Are the COVID-19 Legal Risks You Need to Know About Now," by Alexander C. Kafka and Nell Gluckman was published in The Chronicle of Higher Education on April 21, 2020.