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The Good Divorce Guide

Financial Times

Last month, Nick Woodward* was carefully choosing a bottle of wine from his cellar. It was an important occasion: he was heading to his ex-wife’s house, where their two daughters were living for that half of the week. They had all just got back from holiday together, so it felt like the right time to take his new girlfriend round for a glass of wine and to meet the family. 


In the US, prenups have become a useful tool in separation agreements (in the UK they are sometimes used, but there is currently no law enshrining their right to be upheld). Lois Liberman of Blank Rome, a law practice with 13 offices across the country, believes positive divorce is possible but cautions: “It does not necessarily mean we are all going to work together in a ‘Kum Ba Yah’ moment.” Like Hewlett, she believes that insight and understanding are key. She provides a series of talks and workshops to help clients understand how to navigate divorce and post-divorce. After all, no one knows more about divorce than lawyers who deal with it every day. As Woodham says: “If everybody knew what I knew about divorce, they would be much more sensible about how they approach it. Most people have no idea what awaits.”

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“The Good Divorce Guide,” by Tiffanie Darke was published in the Financial Times on May 31, 2021.