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Foreseeing Trends Drives Blank Rome's Corporate Governance Practice

Blank Rome’s corporate governance practice was recognized as the winner of The Legal Intelligencer’s “Best Law Firm Corporate Practices” contest in 2015. For the contest, The Legal Intelligencer asked Pennsylvania-based law firms to submit details about the transactional work they had done in the previous two years in the categories of corporate governance, finance and M&A, bankruptcy and reorganization, intellectual property, real estate, and midsize growth.

On Blank Rome’s corporate governance practice, from The Legal Intelligencer:

The corporate governance practice at Blank Rome aims to advise its clients not only on the issues facing their businesses in the present, but on what the future may bring.

"When you're dealing with corporate governance issues, you're trying to think where the world is going instead of where it is, because what's right for today is not necessarily what's right for tomorrow," said Barry H. Genkin, who leads Blank Rome's corporate governance practice with partner Frederick D. Lipman.

Corporate governance attorneys at Blank Rome work with public companies, private issuers listed in the United States, private companies and nonprofit entities. Their general goal is to manage enterprise risk, but that can touch on a wide variety of issues, including whistleblower policies, government regulatory investigations, exchange listing compliance, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings and executive compensation issues.

"We try to be on top of current issues," said Lipman, "such as cybersecurity risk."

There have been some significant changes in the corporate governance landscape in the past few years, Genkin said, but they were nothing his team did not predict.

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“Foreseeing Trends Drives Blank Rome's Corporate Governance Practice,” by Lizzy McLellan was published in The Legal Intelligencer on September 1, 2015.