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Executive Insights: Stacy Phillips

Los Angeles Business Journal

In the midst of headlines about layoffs and shutdowns, L.A. business leaders seem to be ramping up. Many are working remotely but embracing technology to stay connected with employees and clients via video meetings or the still-important personal phone call. A shared entrepreneurial spirit has them turning a crisis into a learning experience. These Type-A personalities are also rediscovering there’s more to life than work and are more than willing to share their tips for using at-home time as opportunity for introspection and self-improvement in anticipation of the next chapter.


STACY PHILLIPS, Partner, Blank Rome, Century City

Blank Rome’s Phillips, a nationally recognized family law practitioner in the firm’s Century City office, calls herself “tech challenged”—after almost four years with the firm, she still did not know how to access her emails from home when the firm’s offices closed in mid-March. Now she’s Zooming her way through calls, hearings, mediations and even moderating seminars while awaiting the reopening of Los Angeles courtrooms.

DIVORCE COURT: Phillips predicts a spike in split-ups for homebound couples who are stressed to the max personally and financially by Covid-19. Some are rebonding, but, she said, others are deciding, “I have one life to live, and this is not how I want to live it. I might have been dragging my feet for the past five years, 10 years, six months, but now I’m getting out as fast as I can.”

ROMANCE THERAPY: Besides long walks and calls with family and friends, Phillips has been getting through the crisis with Hallmark Channel romances with titles like “Bad Date Chronicles” and “A Valentine’s Match.” “Hallmark movies are wholesome. … They will make me smile. They will make me cry in a good way. It’s an antidote to the real things we are going through right now.”

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“Executive Insights,” by Diane Haithman was published in the Los Angeles Business Journal on June 15, 2020.