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Evolving Strategies in Business Development for Secured Finance

In a rapidly shifting financial landscape, the Secured Finance Network's recent webinar offered a deep dive into effective business development strategies within the secured finance sector. Moderated by James Kravitz, SFNet’s business development director, the session featured prominent industry experts Lance Rosenthal, executive vice president of business development at RelPro; Jack Penzi, director of originations at Great Rock Capital; and Mitch Sterling, chief client development and relationship officer at Blank Rome. Together, they explored the critical elements that drive growth and success in secured finance.


The discussion opened with an emphasis on the essential qualities that define a successful business development professional. 


Mitch Sterling added a unique viewpoint from the legal sector, emphasizing the significance of internal networking within organizations. He remarked, "Internal relationship building is almost as important as external relationship building," highlighting the comprehensive approach needed for effective business development across various sectors.


The conversation transitioned to the role of technology in modern business development. The panelists shared their experiences with different tools that have enhanced their capabilities.


Sterling pointed to the increasing relevance of content creation in the legal field, where providing thought leadership through articles, webinars, and presentations has become a key strategy for engaging clients and showcasing expertise.

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"Evolving Strategies in Business Development for Secured Finance," by Michele Ocejo was published in Secured Finance Network on July 9, 2024.