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Daily Fantasy Golf Contests Pose New Set of Legal Questions

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Legal controversy surrounding most daily fantasy sports, where fans select players across multiple teams playing in multiple games, has begun to die down, but as users set their fantasy golf lineups for this weekend's U.S. Open tournament, a new set of questions has emerged about the legality of contests based on the results of a single event.


Some view the state DFS laws like New York's as more flexible than UIGEA and don't expect the federal government to interfere so long as state laws are followed.

"While I think there is still some question around the UIGEA 'fantasy sports' definitional requirements, I think it is becoming clearer that the states' interest is much more on ensuring that fantasy games do not involve a single team or a single athlete in a single game, to distinguish fantasy sports contests from the types of bets and proposition wagers typically associated with sports betting," said Dennis M. P. Ehling of Blank Rome LLP, whose practice covers gambling issues.

“I do not sense that the federal government is interested in stepping in and asserting a set of requirements that differ from what the states are individually setting out in the legislation being considered and passed throughout the country," he said.

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"Daily Fantasy Golf Contests Pose New Set of Legal Questions," by Zachary Zagger was published in Law360 on June 15, 2017.