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COVID-19 Laws and Regs: Midyear Scorecard for Employers

Law360 Employment Authority

Employers have struggled to abide by a constantly evolving patchwork of federal and state rules since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic almost a year and a half ago, but falling infection rates have recently prompted governments and businesses to loosen the reins.

Here, experts look at where key workplace virus guidelines and mandates stand heading into the second half of 2021.

EEOC Sheds Light on Vaccine Incentives


Blank Rome LLP partner Jason Reisman said he believes incentives are being used by a majority of employers. But even though the EEOC didn’t set an upper limit for providing incentives for voluntary vaccinations not administered by an employer, it still may not be wise for businesses to dole out overly elaborate perks if the goal is to encourage workers to get the shot.

“The thing that has always given me a little bit of a queasy feeling in my stomach, even before this new guidance came out, was if the employer offers a very large incentive, some employees may actually perceive increased risk in getting the vaccine,” Reisman said. “If an employer is actually paying them a lot of money to take it, they may think, ‘The employer is giving me all this money because it really is dangerous.’ It’s kind of the opposite impact that you want to have because there are certain segments of the population that are quite scared of the vaccine.”

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“COVID-19 Laws and Regs: Midyear Scorecard for Employers,” by Vin Gurrieri was published in Law360 Employment Authority on July 2, 2021.