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Corporate Citizenship Award Winner: Jayme Butcher

Blank Rome Partner Jayme L. Butcher was profiled in the Pittsburgh Business Times in recognition of her being named an inaugural winner of the Corporate Citizenship Award, which honors individuals and companies in western Pennsylvania for outstanding philanthropic contributions and collaborative relationships with nonprofit, civic, and government organizations. 

Corporate Citizenship Award Winner Profile Excerpt: 

Jayme Butcher’s expertise and empowerment of professional women on all career levels has benefited a wide range of organizations throughout the region.

Butcher, a natural-born strategist who has established numerous initiatives to bring professionals from multiple industries together regionally and nationally, sits on numerous boards in the nonprofit sector.

To Butcher, each organization holds a special meaning, motivating her efforts.

Her enthusiasm is contagious, like when she is discussing the local spearheading of Alley to the Valley, a national movement focused on uniting women across the country to help them achieve their ambitions.

“I attended an Alley to the Valley convention in Silicon Valley, and it was the most amazing event I had ever been to,” Butcher said. “We rarely get to help others achieve their professional goals, and that’s what this movement is all about.

“The accountability factor in Pittsburgh is high, so I knew this would be a great movement here. It’s difficult to get others to admit that they need help, but we all need it. Even those in power. But when you know what someone needs, it’s easy to help them.”

The movement focuses on assisting other women in whatever they might need to raise their profile for national exposure, Butcher said.

It’s also a movement that she hopes to expand in the coming years.

“I really want to reach out to the younger generation,” Butcher said.

As a working mother of an 11-year-old girl, Butcher makes the effort to expose her daughter to all aspects of her career.

“I never think, ‘work, family, social,’” Butcher said. “She’s grown up going to work with me. She knows what I’m doing is helping others.”

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"Corporate Citizenship Award Winner: Jayme Butcher," by Christina Sheleheda was published in Pittsburgh Business Times on October 5, 2017.