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Colorado Privacy Law Ups Compliance Ante as U.S. Patchwork Grows

Bloomberg Law

Colorado’s recently enacted privacy law complicates the compliance picture for national companies as they gear up for 2023, the year several state privacy statutes take effect.


Taking stock of vendors and updating language in contracts sooner rather than later is also key, since companies often work with many third parties and updating contractual agreements can take time, said Karen Shin, a privacy and information security associate at Blank Rome LLP in Orange County, Calif.

Businesses also need to craft processes that allow them to respond to consumer rights requests. Those don’t need to be created right now, but companies should at least think about how they want to create these procedures and what business units they’ll need to engage, Shin said.

There may be additional clarity brought about when the Colorado attorney general initiates rulemaking and issues regulations, but until then gearing up for compliance can be a challenge, she said.

“It’s a little bit of a waiting game at this point,” Shin said. “Technical procedures can wait a bit for regulations and any amendments that come.”

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“Colorado Privacy Law Ups Compliance Ante as U.S. Patchwork Grows,” by Jake Holland was published in Bloomberg Law on July 9, 2021.