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Class Action Practices Notice Increase in Consumer Lawsuits

Consumer class actions appear to be on the rise, lawyers in the field said, and that seems to be driving the focus of a number of Pennsylvania firms that do class action work.

Evan H. Lechtman, a co-chair of Blank Rome's class action defense team, said major firms generally seem to be growing and emphasizing their class action practices. Decreased activity in some types of class actions has been supplanted by increased focus on others, he said. For instance, Lechtman said, while products liability class actions have decreased, ­consumer and securities class actions have increased and wage-and-hour cases remain active.


"As [certain] areas become hotter I think there's a redeployment of focus," Lechtman said; for example, firms may place more focus on data security and less on products liability.

Lechtman said under the umbrella of consumer class actions, he's noticed ­activity in data privacy cases, as the courts work through the relatively new issues involved. He said Telephone Consumer Protection Act cases "continue to be hot."

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“Class Action Practices Notice Increase in Consumer Lawsuits,” by Lizzy McLellan was published in The Legal Intelligencer on May 16, 2016.