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CAA Pushes Back against “Spurious” Self-Serving Claims in $55M Worldview Suit


“CAA denies Worldview’s spurious allegations and will defend itself vigorously in court,” lawyer Jerry Bernstein told Deadline this evening in response to a scorching lawsuit filed earlier Thursday full of allegations of dirty financial deeds by the agency.

Essentially a husk of a company since a series of calamities in 2014 and a slew of legal actions , Worldview are claiming that one of the causes of their ills was the $55 million they were fraudulently induced to invest in some 20 films under CAA’s tutorage. Flicks that no one else wanted anything to put money in and were just moving forward to line CAA and its clients’ pockets says the once Christopher Woodrow run company.

“Worldview has been embroiled in litigation in New York filed against it by its own investors, accusing its management of breach of duty and improper conduct with regard to the very investments about which Worldview now seeks to cast blame on CAA,” added the Blank Rome LLP attorney and long time outside counsel for the uber-agency of the self described decimated financiers.

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"CAA Pushes Back against “Spurious” Self-Serving Claims in $55M Worldview Suit," by Dominic Patten was published in Deadline on January 11, 2018.