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Businesses Grapple with 'Ambiguity' of Calif. Privacy Law as Enforcement Nears

S&P Global Market Intelligence

While California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has committed to begin enforcing the state's new privacy law on July 1, some businesses are scrambling to comply with a law that may not have final regulations in place when enforcement begins.


Some feel that because there were multiple drafts of the proposed regulations, they have enough of a sense of the regulations to attempt compliance.

"I think our view and our clients' view was that you should comply with the regulations as they stood probably by the second iteration and that we weren't going to get a whole lot more clarity until enforcement started," Jennifer Daniels, a partner at law firm Blank Rome LLP who works with clients on privacy compliance, said in an interview.

"I think many organizations, their view was ... we're going to make a good-faith effort and hope that, if, for some reason, we were the ones in the cross-hairs come July 1, that the attorney general's office would work with us because we had made a good-faith effort," added Daniels.

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“Businesses Grapple with 'Ambiguity' of Calif. Privacy Law as Enforcement Nears,” by Casey Egan was published in S&P Global Market Intelligence on June 12, 2020.