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Blank Rome’s Pittsburgh Office Hosts Women’s Alley to the Valley Summit

Blank Rome LLP Partners Jayme L. Butcher and Amy Joseph Coles will be hosting an Alley to the Valley summit on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, in the Firm’s Pittsburgh office, with the mission of gathering a group of powerful women in Pittsburgh who are committed to helping each other succeed by creating a “getting it done” network in the local community and beyond.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the growing, national Alley to the Valley network that helps connect influential women across the country,” stated Jayme Butcher, Partner in Blank Rome’s Corporate Litigation group. “Hosting this important summit to bring together a powerful group of women in Pittsburgh who are committed to helping each other advance in their professional careers and pursuits, as well as their personal goals, is incredibly rewarding.”

Alley to the Valley summits host up to 50 accomplished women who are powerbrokers in venture capital, entrepreneurship, finance, government, law, academia, media, nonprofit, healthcare, and other leading industries. All participants come to the event with an “ask” and a “give,” and the power to follow through. Together, the group spends the day fast-tracking opportunities by deal-making over the “asks” brought to the table, with one sole purpose: to bring attendees’ businesses to the next level. Previous Alley to the Valley summit attendees have experienced successful results, such as Jen Sargent, CEO of HitFix, raising 25 percent of her Series A at the summit, and New York Times freelancer Pamela Ryckman securing her book deal for Stiletto Network by meeting literary agent, Jillian Manus, a fellow summit attendee.

“When women help other women, the impossible becomes possible,” added Amy Joseph Coles, Partner in Blank Rome’s Corporate Litigation group. “Whether through charitable activities, helping one another through difficult times, or giving each other the introductions necessary for upward professional growth, the highly talented women in this network have the capabilities to get things done.”

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