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Blank Rome's New CIO: Investments in Firm Innovation Aren't Slowing Down

Legaltech News

Blank Rome's Chief Information Officer Frank Spadafino, who recently joined the Firm in February, was interviewed by Legaltech News on his new role and answers the following questions regarding law firm tech investments and priorities, tools, and opportunities:

  • What are some of the priorities that you and the firm have moving forward and how will that shape your approach?
  • Is developing its own tech a priority for the firm? Do you expect to see more firms moving in that direction?
  • Do you think that law firms are continuing to invest in technology at the same rate as they did in the past, or are we starting to enter the slow-down period of the investment cycle?
  • Practice areas across firms have traditionally been fairly siloed. From an IT perspective, how difficult does that make it keep tabs on the various solutions being implemented across each department? Is there a way to streamline that?
  • Law appears split on the subject of whether or not to ask client permission first before storing their data in the cloud. What do you think is the best way to handle this and why?

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"Blank Rome's New CIO: Investments in Firm Innovation Aren't Slowing Down," by Frank Ready was published in Legaltech News on March 9, 2020.