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Blank Rome’s Meg Canby Appointed to New LGBT Commission

Commission to Act as a Forceful Advocate for LGBT Issues and LGBT Members of the Court Community

Blank Rome LLP Partner Margaret Canby has been appointed to serve as a member of a new LGBT commission to highlight and address issues of concern to LGBT members within the justice system and legal profession. The commission, formed by Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks, will act as a forceful advocate for LGBT issues and LGBT members of the court community, providing a bridge between the Judiciary’s leadership and LGBT individuals in the courts and legal profession.

“I am honored to be appointed to this new LGBT commission, and to be a member of such an impressive roster of judges, justices, and other legal professionals who will work together to advance LGBT advocacy and outreach throughout the legal community,” said Ms. Canby. “With the recent landmark victories in Obergefell and Brooke S.B., the LGBT community has witnessed significant, unprecedented strides towards gaining equal rights and support in the courts and beyond, but there is still much work to be done. Social justice activism through litigation and advocacy is at the cornerstone of my matrimonial and family law practice at Blank Rome, and I look forward to continuing my long-standing commitment in this area through impactful initiatives such as this new commission.”

The LGBT commission will promote equal participation in and access to the courts and legal profession by all persons regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression—from initiatives to enhance judicial and workforce diversity to efforts to help ensure that issues facing LGBT litigants are fairly addressed by the courts. The commission will also collaborate with LGBT advocacy organizations, bar associations, and community groups to raise awareness about LGBT issues, and foster a more equitable, supportive environment for LGBT members within the justice system, legal profession, and greater community. For more information on the new commission, please click here to read the press release issued by the New York State Unified Court System.

Ms. Canby has been practicing matrimonial law in New York City for 27 years, representing clients before the matrimonial and family court judges in New York City, Brooklyn, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Chautauqua Counties. In August 2016, she co-led a Blank Rome team in securing a landmark victory before the New York State Court of Appeals on behalf of Brooke Barone, in Brooke S.B. v. Elizabeth C.C., where the court overturned a 25-year precedent and ruled that non-biological, non-married, non-adoptive parents can seek custody and visitation. Additionally, Ms. Canby routinely writes for the New York Law Journal and lectures and speaks on panels before the New York State Bar Association, LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York, and New York Women’s Bar Association’s LGBT, Children’s Rights, and Matrimonial and Family Law Committees on topics such as representing LGBT clients after Obergefell, same-sex parenting matters and cases, and the new legal landscape post-Brooke S.B., to name a few.