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Blank Rome Partner on Joining Philadelphia Women’s Forum

Law360 Pulse
Leigh Ann Buziak

A Philadelphia professional organization dedicated to promoting women to professional leadership roles has accepted a partner at Blank Rome LLP as a new member.

Leigh Ann Buziak has joined the 500 members of the Forum of Executive Women, a group formed in 1977 to advance women in corporate leadership roles. She is one of three Blank Rome partners in the organization, along with Yelena M. Barychev and Sophia Lee.


Buziak spoke with Law360 Pulse about becoming a member of the Forum of Executive Women. This interview was edited for clarity and length.

Why did you want to join this organization?

The forum has so many outstanding business leaders I have long admired. I would look at a business journal article or see something that a member has done and become impressed by their work. I've had my eye on the forum for a while. I got to a certain point in my career when I started to think about networking and building relationships. I sent in an application, and I needed letters of recommendations from two current members.

What does the forum provide women in the Philadelphia area?

The goal is to bring together the influence of professional women to expand the impact of women in the region. They do a lot of actual work toward those goals; it's not just talking. They have a lot of cutting-edge programming, they publish an annual Women in Leadership report, and they have a Conversations in the Boardroom series.

You can get very depressed reading the statistics about women in board leadership positions. It's helpful to join an organization that is working to forward the cause, and the work that's being done is so positive. It's where I get my energy.

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“Blank Rome Partner on Joining Philadelphia Women’s Forum,” by James Boyle was published in Law360 Pulse on March 16, 2021.