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Blank Rome Partner Gives Back After Life-Saving Transplant

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Richard Miller

Blank Rome partner Richard "Rich" Miller Jr. will be walking his daughter down the aisle in June, just one week after he participates in the New York City Liver Life Walk. The two events are of great significance to Miller, whose life was saved following a liver transplant last year.

In the months leading up to the transplant as he struggled with nonalcoholic liver disease, Miller was unsure he would ever be able to see his daughter married, or one day meet grandchildren, but an anonymous donor changed that, and Miller received a new liver on May 31, 2021.

"As a recipient of an organ donation, [the donor] is with me every day," Miller said. "He's here at my desk. He's at the opera when I'm there. He'll be at my daughter's wedding when I walk her down the aisle. This donor is now a part of me."

Miller has been named the chair of this year's Liver Life Walk, which will take place June 11. The event raises money for the American Liver Foundation, a group that provides information and resources to liver patients and their families.

He's also completed volunteer training to be an organ donor coordinator in New York, helping make others aware of how to sign up as an organ donor.

"Thanks is a feeling, but gratitude is an action. I'm expressing this gratitude through action," Miller said of his gratitude for the gift of an organ that saved his life.

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“Blank Rome Partner Gives Back After Life-Saving Transplant,” by Aebra Coe was published in Law360 Pulse on April 14, 2022.

To learn more about Rich’s journey, his role as Walk Chair of the New York City Liver Life Walk, and his collaboration with the American Liver Foundation, please visit Richard J. Miller, Jr. Appointed Walk Chair of American Liver Foundation's New York City Liver Life Walk.