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Billions in Covid-19 Federal Contract Awards Not Facing Protests

Bloomberg Law

Billions of dollars in awards for federal contracts aimed at combating Covid-19 aren’t being protested by losing bidders in court or before the agency responsible for ensuring contract integrity, despite their expedited approval.


Even so, would-be protesters’ awareness of “the bad press that would come with an action seeking, in essence, to stop relief efforts” could also explain the apparent lack of challenges, Justin Chiarodo of Blank Rome LLP in Washington said.

“You want to be perceived as being part of the solution, and not seen as potentially putting lives at risk,” he said.

On the other hand, another explanation for the lack of protests is that relief spending has also created more contract opportunities, which would decrease competition for any single award, Chiarodo said.

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“Billions in Covid-19 Federal Contract Awards Not Facing Protests,” by Daniel Seiden was published in Bloomberg Law on June 22, 2020.