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Big Four Sketching a Playbook for Post-Pandemic Workspace

Bloomberg Tax

Concerned about the safety of their staff and clients, the largest U.S. accounting firms are in no rush to return their professionals to offices, airports, and client sites around the country.

The firms are preparing, though, for an eventual return to the workplace even as they continue to keep their armies of accountants, auditors, and consultants at home. When offices do eventually reopen, masks, temperature checks, and contact tracing apps to monitor interaction with co-workers could await them.


The goals of temperatures checks, questionnaires about symptoms, and even apps that track interactions between staff are valid means for limiting the spread of the virus. But companies should also be thinking about privacy concerns, said Stephanie Kaplan, a labor and employment lawyer with Blank Rome LLP.

The key is who has access to that confidential information and how the information is used, Kaplan said.

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“Big Four Sketching a Playbook for Post-Pandemic Workspace,” by Amanda Iacone was published in Bloomberg Tax on May 13, 2020.