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Big Apple Salary Inquiry Ban a New Obstacle for Employers

State and local bans on employers asking about job applicants’ salary history, like one that takes effect in New York City in October, can have unintended consequences, presenting new challenges for employers, attorneys assert.


Another headache for New York City employers is that the law doesn’t define what an employer is, so one must assume it applies to all employers, no matter how small, Anthony A. Mingione, a partner in the labor and employment practice group of Blank Rome LLP, said in a July 11 webinar sponsored by the management-side law firm.

Also, he said, “you can’t use somebody else to get the information that you can’t ask for under this law,” such as an employment agency.

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"Big Apple Salary Inquiry Ban a New Obstacle for Employers," by Martin Berman-Gorvine was published in Bloomberg Law on July 11, 2017.