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Are You Ready for More Layoffs?


Even more layoffs may be on the way in response to the coronavirus recession. Are you prepared to make reductions in force quickly and fairly?

Time is of the essence with layoffs after alternatives such as pay cuts and furloughs have been tried or ruled out.

But Ted Meyer, an attorney with Blank Rome in Houston, cautioned, “Being patient—even if you are only delaying the layoff one day—can make a huge difference in the overall validity of the selections.”


When performance criteria are used, it is imperative that the employer have documentation to back up the rating….

Make sure the documents don't contradict the decision, Meyer said. For example, is the most recent performance review for an employee chosen to be laid off glowing? Is the most recent review for a worker who is going to be kept poor?

“Are You Ready for More Layoffs?” by Allen Smith, J.D., was published in SHRM on April 22, 2020.