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New York, Washington & Philadelphia Summer Associates Give Blank Rome High Marks in American Lawyer

In the summer of 2008, nearly 11,000 law students flocked to work at the 162 firms in the American Lawyer’s survey, and more than 7,600 supplied the magazine with evaluations of their firms.  The respondents are guaranteed anonymity.

Here’s how Blank Rome did in the rankings:

Washington Office—ranked #2 in the District of Columbia

New York Office—ranked #6 in New York

Philadelphia Office—ranked #12 in Philadelphia

Our summer associates* rated Blank Rome's program on nine key scoring questions, including:

  • how interesting the work was
  • how much “real” work was assigned
  • how the training and guidance measured up
  • how positive interactions with partners were
  • how positive interactions with full-time associates were
  • how well we communicated our goals and expectations
  • how accurately we portrayed ourselves during interviews
  • the summer associates’ overall rating of us as a place to work
  • their inclination to accept a full-time associateship with us, if offered

Other areas in which we scored highly were:

  • level of responsibility
  • amount of feedback
  • opportunities for mentoring
  • opportunities for pro bono work
  • family-friendly
  • making efforts toward diversity
  • attorneys would be enjoyable to work with
  • attorneys seem to enjoy working with each other
  • felt comfortable asking in-depth financial questions
  • got a sense of the firm’s mission
  • felt confidence in the firm’s leadership
  • firm seemed the right size
  • humane approach to billable hours

Our summer program is the primary vehicle through which we hire entry-level associates.

* “Summer Associate,” as we use the term, connotes a law school student who has not yet applied for admission (other than law student admission under the rules of some jurisdictions for some kinds of matters) and has not yet been admitted to the bar of any state jurisdiction and who is therefore not yet legally qualified to practice law.