Surviving the Holidays and Beyond with a Blended Family

Blank Rome-Hosted Live Webinar

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Look Ahead with Lois Liberman: A Women’s Salon Series

Blank Rome partner Lois J. Liberman’s Look Ahead salons are designed to address the very personal and pivotal issues that concern women who are divorced and divorcing. Over her 30-year career in matrimonial law, she has seen their impact and the toll these challenges take on her clients’ lives.

Lois created these interactive salons to connect her current and former clients with prominent relationship and financial experts and a spectrum of personal image professionals who share their keen insights and practical advice. Each participant takes away strategies to cope, win, and move their life forward.

Join Lois J. Liberman, Laurie Marchel, and Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil for a compassionate, informative look at the real-life challenges and some helpful tips to navigate through the holidays with a blended family.

Although additional family members provide more love and support for the children of blended families, they also bring ever-evolving logistics, compromises, and opportunities to create chaos. Even the most well-intentioned parents, stepparents, and other members of the blended family are challenged by the holidays and the myriad of milestone events (like birthdays, graduations, and weddings) that can sometimes seem more like minefields than celebrations.

Let the experienced professionals help by providing you with some guidance to make the holidays a bit less stressful.



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