Speaking Engagement

Ethics: Social Media and Jury Monitoring

Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute Annual Seminar
Point Clear, AL

Blank Rome Associate Jeffrey N. Rosenthal will be speaking on "Ethics: Social Media And Jury Monitoring" at the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute’s ("SEALI") Annual Seminar on Saturday, June 27, 2015, at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort in Point Clear, AL.

Mr. Rosenthal's presentation will discuss, among other things, the following key highlights:

  • How can a lawyer ethically use social media as a tool during jury selection?
  • What are the risks and consequences of jurors using social media during trial?
  • How can lawyers and judges encourage juror social media compliance during trial?

SEALI's Annual Seminar will be held June 26-27, and cover:

  • recent maritime law developments in the U.S. Supreme Court and federal courts of appeals (1st-11th)
  • maritime cybersecurity
  • jurisdiction
  • brain injury and the Franza case
  • limitation of liability/recreational boating
  • government contracts
  • juries in admiralty, the savings to suitors clause, and removal of maritime cases

To learn more or register to attend, please visit .

Mr. Rosenthal is the first person in SEALI’s history to be invited to present in consecutive years. This year's presentation will be based on a white paper he co-authored with Blank Rome Associate Melissa F. Murphy, “Social Media And Jury Monitoring: Ethical Issues In The Age Of Voir Google.”

Mr. Rosenthal regularly writes a column for The Legal Intelligencer on Cyberlaw, wherein he discusses the intersecting areas of law and computing with an emphasis on the impact of new technologies, online privacy, software, intellectual property, and social networking sites on corporations, businesses, and individuals. He also contributes to Blank Rome’s Cybersecurity Law Watch blog, which focuses on data security and privacy law issues, as well as how to manage and navigate cybersecurity risks.

Ms. Murphy has also previously authored for The Legal Intelligencer.