Critical Assets at Risk: Protecting Data Privacy and Trade Secrets during COVID-19

Blank Rome-Hosted Live Webinar

Online via WebEx


Part of Blank Rome's Primers for Pandemic Litigation Webinar Series

With the COVID-19 related increase in remote work, anxious employees are being increasingly targeted by cyber criminals and hackers with phishing scams, business e-mail compromise schemes, and malicious ransomware. At the same time, economic uncertainty has led to a rise in employee mobility and the associated risks to trade secret disclosure.

In this insightful and informative webinar, Blank Rome’s data privacy and labor & employment attorneys will discuss: 

  • Guidance for identifying gaps in data privacy policies and procedures before a cyberattack hits your company.
  • How to immediately contain and limit your company’s exposure if an incident were to occur.
  • Resolving the legal fallout from an incident, including potential litigation in the form of attorneys general actions and class actions from consumers and shareholders.
  • Steps for preventing trade secrets and confidential business information from escaping with departing employees.
  • Best practices for safely hiring top talent so your company is prepared to take advantage of the economic recovery.



Please contact Meredith Spilker.