Coronavirus Update—Employer Response to Closures, Relief Legislation, and Other Business Impacts

Blank Rome Hosted Live webinar

Online via WebEx

As the coronavirus pandemic escalates to ravage businesses and curtail public life, governments are scrambling to undertake extraordinary measures to halt uncontained spread. President Trump declared a national emergency last week and various state and local governments are ordering new restrictions and closures. While workers that can are shifting to remote work, businesses and employers must consider how to address many unprecedented challenges.

Please join Frederick (Gus) SandstromCaroline Powell Donelan, and Mara B. Levin of Blank Rome’s Labor & Employment practice group for an informative and impactful webinar that will discuss how employers can respond to the coronavirus pandemic’s disruptive impact, including business closures, “shelter in place” orders, and the relief legislation currently working its way through Congress. 

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