Business Development for Women: How to Overcome Obstacles and Thrive

Houston Bar Association Gender Fairness Committee

Online Webinar

Blank Rome is pleased to co-sponsor the upcoming “Business Development for Women: How to Overcome Obstacles and Thrive” webinar, hosted by the Houston Bar Association (“HBA”) Gender Fairness Committee. The webinar, which is free for HBA members, will take place Tuesday, September 29, 2020, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. CDT (10:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m. PDT / 1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT).

The program will feature a panel discussion between business development coach Precious Williams Owodunni and women rainmakers on business development strategies and techniques that have helped them succeed in marketing their talent and developing business for their law practices.

Each panelist will offer insight into business development differences based on their practice areas and firm sizes. The panel will also address unique challenges faced by women attorneys when conducting business development, including unconscious bias against hiring women or minority women, origination credit disputes within law firms, recent obstacles in business development related to COVID-19, and the conflict between traditional client development events and peak times for family obligations, as well as alternative strategies.

For more information and to register, please visit the event webpage.