Ask Your Employment Lawyer: The #MeToo Movement: Are You Prepared?

Before You Have that Holiday Party – Join Us for this Webinar on One of the Most Important Workplace Topics Facing Employers

As the breaking news alerts tell us every day, we are in a transformative time when it comes to how harassment is reported and handled in the workplace. From Hollywood, to Rockefeller Center, and everywhere in between, employers must be prepared.

Even at this busy time of year, we think this topic so important, we are convening an emergency client briefing in advance of the holidays and expected office and client events.

In this 30-minute Webinar, Blank Rome Labor & Employment Co-Chairs Scott Cooper and Brooke Iley will review:

  • the most recent round of workplace issues making headlines and driving new claims;
  • what every employer must have in place to reduce the risk of liability;
  • do’s and don’ts for office events at the holidays;
  • whether your confidentiality agreements now invite more issues than they help solve; and
  • discuss whether “absolutely no dating at work” must be the new normal.