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Blank Rome Secures Summary Judgment for Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions, L.P. Regarding Oil & Gas Lease Terms

A Blank Rome team recently secured summary judgment for Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions, L.P. (“OEA”) before Judge Robert E. Davis in the District Court of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, regarding the terms of an oil and gas lease.

In its motion for summary judgment, OEA asked the court to quiet title to a disputed property in Kingfisher County, OK, arguing that an earlier lease—that the plaintiff claimed was still in effect—had expired pursuant to its terms after years without production or operations sufficient to perpetuate the lease, and arguing that its own lease was therefore valid. The plaintiff, in its cross-motion for summary judgment, argued that the operator made diligent efforts to return the well to production. Both OEA and the plaintiff, in their respective motions, agreed to the timeline of events as to whether and when the operator attempted to restore the well to production, but disagreed as to their characterization and whether they constituted due diligence and dispatch under the terms of the lease. 

The judge granted our client’s motion and ruled that OEA’s oil and gas lease was in full force and effect, thereby denying the plaintiff’s cross-motion for summary judgment and implicitly accepting OEA’s characterization. The order entered with the court may be viewed here.