Blank Rome Successfully Represents Temple University Hospital in Lawsuit against U.S. Government
April 14, 2017
Arthur W. Hankin, Elaine D. Solomon, Ethan M. Simon
A Blank Rome team successfully represented Temple University Hospital against the U.S. government in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in the matter of Temple University Hospital, Inc. v. The United States of America.
Blank Rome Represents Catholic Diocese of Duluth in Securing Partial Summary Judgment against Liability Insurers
March 31, 2017
James R. Murray, Jared Zola, James S. Carter
A Blank Rome insurance coverage team won another motion for partial summary judgment on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Duluth in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota, in a pending adversary proceeding against five of the Diocese's historical liability insurers.
Blank Rome Represents Lindstrom LLC in Acquisition of Hodell-Natco Industries, Inc.
February 28, 2017
Saminaz Akhter, Mathew Eapen, Donald A. Gregory, Jonathan W.S. England, Nicole M. Vorrasi, Ryan C. Craig, et al.
A Blank Rome team represented Lindstrom LLC, a portfolio company of Firm client Harbour Group, in its acquisition of the packaged fastener and master distribution business of Hodell-Natco Industries, Inc.
Blank Rome Represents Jansy Packaging in Acquisition of Cogent Partners
February 22, 2017
Shaun Snitman, Jennifer J. Daniels, Shlomo Troodler, Jeffrey M. Rosenfeld, Dalila J. Berry
Blank Rome represented Jansy Packaging, a portfolio company of Eureka Growth Capital, a private equity firm targeting niche market leaders with up to $75 million in revenue, in its acquisition of Cogent Partners.
Blank Rome Represents Portfolio Company of Gladstone Investment Corporation in Acquisition of Outstanding Membership Interest of Ambient Air, LLC
February 17, 2017
Emanuel Faust, Peter I. Tsoflias, Courtney Presswood, Kathy E. Herman, Donald A. Gregory, Mary Ann Knoeckel, et al.
Blank Rome LLP represented a portfolio company of Gladstone Investment Corporation in its acquisition of the outstanding membership interest of Ambient Air, LLC - the sole owner of J.R. Hobbs Co. - Atlanta, LLC.
Blank Rome Secures Significant Settlement for General Cable and American Premier Underwriters in Case Brought by Housing Authority for the City of Los Angeles
February 2017
Dennis M.P. Ehling, Kevin J. Bruno, Lisa M. Campisi, Benjamin G. Stonelake, Ghazal Tajmiri, Kevin R. Doherty, et al.
Blank Rome's environmental litigation and insurance groups have secured a significant settlement for General Cable and American Premier Underwriters, successfully concluding a nearly six-year case brought by the Housing Authority for the City of Los Angeles over a 21-acre industrial site in Los Angeles' Watts neighborhood.
Blank Rome Successfully Represents Penncro Asssociates in WARN Act Putative Class Action Suit
January 2017
Susan L. Bickley, Joshua A. Huber
Blank Rome successfully obtained a final summary judgment on behalf of Penncro Associates, Inc. (“Penncro”), in a putative class action filed under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988 (“WARN Act”).
Blank Rome Represents Surface Preparation Technologies, LLC in Sale of 100% of Membership Interests to BSPT Acquisition, Inc.
February 10, 2017
Matthew R. Altomare, Linsey B. Bozzelli, Lisa Casey Spaniel, Jason E. Reisman, Margaret Anne Hill, Brian S. Gocial, et al.
Blank Rome represented Surface Preparation Technologies, LLC, a portfolio company of L2 Capital Partners, in its sale of 100% of its membership interests to BSPT Acquisition, Inc., a portfolio company of Branford Castle Partners, LP.
Blank Rome Represents U.S. OCG in Purchase of Hilton Hotel in Arlington, Texas
February 10, 2017
Mike Margolis, Michael Carl Cohen, Jason S. Kim, John A. Adkins, Mitesh Patel
Blank Rome LLP represented 2401 Lamar (Dallas) Esong, LLC, a member of the U.S. OCG family of companies, in connection with its $46 million purchase of the 308-room Hilton Hotel in Arlington, Texas, near the AT&T Stadium.
Blank Rome Represents DRA Advisors LLC in $1.07B Acquisition of Portfolio of 184 Industrial Buildings from Cabot Properties, Inc.
January 18, 2017
Martin Luskin, Daniel J. Ivler, Samuel M. Walker, Joseph T. Gulant, Dayna C. Finkelstein, Corey Tarzik, et al.
Blank Rome successfully represented DRA Advisors LLC in its $1.07B acquisition of a 19.75M-square-foot portfolio of 184 industrial buildings located in 21 markets across the country from Boston-based private equity firm Cabot Properties, Inc.