Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Begins This Week
State Tax
April 2017 (No. 1)
David M. Kuchinos
Philadelphia Postpones Salary History Ban
Labor and Employment
April 20, 2017
Jason E. Reisman, Frederick G. Sandstrom, Janet O. Lee
Consider “Privileges” When Conducting Investigations
The Beacon
Winter 2017
Jeffrey S. Moller
How Is Your Domestic Preference Compliance? President Trump Signals More Scrutiny of “Buy American, Hire American” Practices
Government Contracts Navigator
April 19, 2017
Justin A. Chiarodo, Stephanie M. Harden
Managing Cyber Risks: Tips for Purchasing Insurance That Works for Your Business
Pratt’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Law Report
May 2017
Omid Safa, James S. Carter, Jared Zola
Why Corporate Governance Failures Continue
The Conference Board Governance Center Blog
April 17, 2017
Frederick D. Lipman
Hiring Freeze Thaws: How New Administration Policies May Impact Contract Administration
Government Contracts Navigator
April 14, 2017
Lyndsay A. Gorton
Regulatory Update and Recent SEC Enforcement Actions
Funds and Investment Management
April 2017
Thomas R. Westle, Michelle Gitlitz Courtney, Rustin I. Paul, Courtney B. Schrenko, Brandon R. Einstein
Understanding a Medical Device Manufacturer's Broad Duty to Warn
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry
April 13, 2017
Terry M. Henry, Melanie S. Carter, Lauren E. O'Donnell, Naomi Zwillenberg
New Jersey Supreme Court Rules That Release of Debt of Closely-Held Corporation in Exchange for Release of Debt by Second Closely-Held Corporation Is a Fraudulent Transfer
New Jersey Legal Pulse
April 12, 2017
Michael A. Rowe