Name Title Office Direct Dial Email VCard
Patrick O. Cavanaugh Chief Operating Officer Washington +1.202.772.5995 email
Allison V. Friend Chief Human Resources Officer Washington +1.202.772.5834 email
Laurie Gerber Chief Financial Officer Philadelphia +1.215.569.5760 email
Hans T. Haglund Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer Washington +1.202.772.5863 email
Karen M. Jablonski Senior Director of Operations Philadelphia +1.215.569.5483 email
Christopher A. Lewis Partner & Chief Officer for Diversity and Inclusion Philadelphia +1.215.569.5793 email
Laurence Liss Chief Technology Officer Philadelphia +1.215.569.5749 email
J. Michael McMurphy Senior Director of Global Brand and Marketing New York +1.212.885.5546 email
Cole Silver Director of Client Relations Philadelphia +1.215.569.5682 email
John M. Sperger Secretary to the Firm Philadelphia +1.215.569.5551 email