Diversity Mission Statement

Blank Rome was formed in 1946 by lawyers who, because of their religion, were barred from joining many established Philadelphia law firms.  From its inception, therefore, Blank Rome has been sensitive to diversity issues both within the Firm and in the communities it serves.  The Firm constantly strives to recruit and retain members of underrepresented groups for attorney, professional, administrative, and staff positions.  As a result, our clients benefit from diverse service teams that are highly skilled and whose work reflects diverse ideas, attributes, backgrounds, and experiences.  Our diversity mission statement expresses these objectives  now:

Blank Rome LLP and Blank Rome Government Relations LLC are committed to excellence in our fields of endeavor. We recognize that a diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and experiences is crucial to fulfilling this commitment. We endeavor to recruit, hire, promote, and retain—on the basis of demonstrated talent and initiative—individuals throughout the Firm representing, among other things, different races, genders, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientation, and national origin. The Firm’s Diversity Cabinet is charged with recommending specific actions that may be taken in the Firm’s activities, both internal and external, to achieve these goals.