How to Prepare for the Next Natural Disaster

November 1, 2017
Nation's Restaurant News

Media Coverage

It was a summer of disaster with multiple hurricanes, floods and fires. From Puerto Rico to the Pacific Northwest, restaurant operators are in the process of working with their insurance providers to assess damage to property and business. 

Whether or not your business was impacted, now is the time to think about insurance protection for the next natural disaster, said attorney Linda Kornfeld, vice chair of the insurance recovery practice for law firm Blank Rome LLP, based in Los Angeles.

“With every natural disaster, insurance companies respond in a certain way, and that can be an education for the insured,” said Kornfeld.

“There’s no question that weather patterns are changing and the risks of damage from a natural disaster is real,” she added. “So it’s important in the next few months, as policy holders are renewing their property and business interruption policies, that they carefully read their policies to make sure the various types of losses they may incur would be adequately addressed going forward.”

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"How to Prepare for the Next Natural Disaster," by Lisa Jennings was published in Nation's Restaurant News on November 1, 2017.