How Facebook Is Planning to Eliminate the Revenge Porn Problem

April 18, 2017
Fox News

Media Coverage

Imagine what it’s like to be the victim of revenge porn.

Someone snaps an inappropriate photo of you in the bathroom, then you find out it is all over the Internet and on social media. It can cause a lot of stress and even depression.

“Revenge porn is obviously unethical and immoral,” Blank Rome divorce attorney Stacy Phillips told Fox News. “It’s a life-altering problem for the victim because being exposed in a compromising situation (such as being photographed or videotaped in the nude or in sexual acts) violates the victim’s privacy and causes immense humiliation."

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"How Facebook Is Planning to Eliminate the Revenge Porn Problem," by John Brandom was originally published in Fox News on April 18, 2017. The article was reprinted in the New York Post on April 19.