Marine Murmurs

November 2016
The Marine Professional

Media Coverage

Each month, The Marine Professional asks its readers to share views on issues affecting the industry. In the November 2016 edition of the magazine, Partners Jeanne M. Grasso and Gregory F. Linsin answer this month’s question regarding whistleblower crew compensation and protection.

How should whistleblowing crews be compensated/protected for the risks they took in coming forward?

Bottom line – This question should never have to be asked. Every vessel owner and operator should invest to build a culture of compliance where crew members believe that compliance is the only option that will secure their future with the company.

Nonetheless, vessel owners and operators should incorporate a robust internal reporting system into their safety management system that incentivizes, protects and rewards crew members who promptly notify shore side management of misconduct aboard a vessel. If a crew member fails to report the misconduct, this should disqualify him/her from entitlement to a financial reward from the port state.

Port state authorities that nonetheless provide financial rewards to crew members under such circumstances undermine the ability of vessel owners and operators to implement effective environmental compliance programs as envisioned by the ISM Code.

- Gregory F. Linsin & Jeanne M. Grasso, Blank Rome LLP

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