Valuation and Equitable Distribution of Property

Blank Rome’s matrimonial and family law lawyers have extensive experience with complex valuation issues, and are well-versed in providing in-depth analyses of the complicated financial matters that arise in the equitable distribution of property.

Our matrimonial and family law attorneys work together with our colleagues in Blank Rome’s leading tax, corporate, real estate, and fiduciary practices to evaluate assets, such as closely held businesses, professional practices and licenses, enhanced earnings capacity, real estate investments, stocks and options, and pensions, and advise our clients about the tax aspects of their financial settlement.

When needed, we work with investigators, business appraisers, and forensic accountants, our attorneys are well-versed in tracing, valuing, and distributing assets even in the most complicated situations. Our insight in this area can help equitably divide property and speed the dissolution process, particularly in complicated areas such as:

  • business valuation
  • licensing agreements
  • intellectual property
  • professional goodwill

Our experience includes working with assets located in other states and countries—or may be intentionally concealed—and tracing the source of funds used to acquire assets and determine their value for division.

We also work closely with the attorneys in Blank Rome’s highly-regarded trusts and estates group, when appropriate, to serve our client’s interests and ensure that they are given the best advice possible on all aspects affecting the resolution of their matter.