Transactional & Private Equity Insurance

In managing the countless pieces and moving parts during mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions, insurance coverage assets can often be overlooked. Identifying insurance assets and needs early on—to both protect the company during a transaction and in its day-to-day business—adds significant value to a company and protects its investors. Corporate entities should be aware that these issues are not limited to the complex deal, but can impact even the simplest contract.

Attorneys in our insurance coverage practice work with businesses at the outset of transactions, during due diligence phases, and even after the deal to ensure that appropriate coverage is in place. We also have experience evaluating a company’s existing insurance portfolios, which can be a significant.

In our experience, private equity firms may end up as targets of litigation if and when their portfolio company gets sued, either due to their involvement with management, or simply because of their ownership interest in the portfolio company. Our attorneys have significant experience in representing private equity firms in shareholder suits and finding coverage under a range of policy types to cover defense and liability costs.