IP Portfolio Development & Counseling

Companies invest significant funds in developing their technology and products as well as the brand names used in marketing them. Eighty percent of corporate value today is comprised of intangibles such as intellectual property assets. But are companies deriving the maximum benefit from these assets?

Sound and strategic IP portfolio management is a complex endeavor. Companies must proactively manage assets across the organization, and Blank Rome advises clients in every aspect of IP portfolio management, including:

  • developing asset management programs consistent with clients’ business objectives;
  • mining and deriving value from patents;
  • developing programs to minimize risks of impinging on assets of others;
  • ensuring brand protection;
  • establishing global IP programs;
  • advising on effective invention disclosure programs;
  • prosecuting patents sensibly and leveraging seasoned patents;
  • creating corporate policies for employee education;
  • working to use IP rights to help in developing joint venture and new business opportunities;
  • deriving licensing income;
  • helping to protect our clients in strike lawsuits by the so-called patent “trolls”; and
  • safeguarding trade secrets.