Cybersecurity Insurance

Blank Rome’s insurance coverage attorneys have significant experience helping clients maximize the value of their policies in the area of cyber risk. Through a combination of proactive counseling and vigorous advocacy work when insurers attempt to deny or minimize coverage, our team has developed a record of significant successes for our clients in these areas.

Our attorneys also advise clients and litigate disputes regarding insurance coverage for cyber risks. With cybersecurity and data breach events making headlines on nearly a daily basis, as well as the increased scrutiny of state and federal regulators, insurance coverage will play a critical role in strategies for managing the challenges associated with these risks. Companies may not realize that there is insurance coverage for these events not only under cyber insurance policies, but also under several other traditional insurance policies as well. Our attorneys regularly work with risk managers and in-house counsel when purchasing and renewing cyber insurance policies to identify potential coverage issues and gaps, and provide specific recommendations for changes to policy language available in the marketplace.

We also work with clients to pursue the broadest scope of coverage for losses due to cyberattacks, data breaches, and other events after insurance companies wrongfully deny or try to limit coverage. This includes pursuit of coverage under cyber insurance and other policies, such as commercial general liability, directors and officers’ liability, and crime insurance policies, as well as under policies for which our clients hold additional insured status.