Chemical - Radiation & Toxic Tort Litigation

Catalyst for Success

THE INTERSECTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW, SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINES AND COMPLEX LITIGATION:  The team of Blank Rome attorneys who handle the defense of toxic tort and mass tort claims for our chemical industry and manufacturing clients have the unique combination of: (1) experience in environmental law; (2) knowledge of such pertinent scientific disciplines as epidemiology, toxicology, risk assessment, fate & transport, air dispersion, hydrology and geology; and (3) proficiency in handling complex multi-party litigation.


  • Nuisance value settlement for a chemical manufacturer sued by students and teachers at a school located adjacent to a plating operation that was twice charged with mishandling and improper disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Obtained dismissal of the claims by hundreds of former students and teachers at a prominent California high school upon which an oil well, allegedly releasing benzene into the environment, was located.
  • Favorably settled the claims of more than 1500 plaintiffs on behalf of a manufacturing client who allegedly was one of the largest contributors to the widespread contamination of a drinking water aquifer.
  • Served on lead counsel team in Lore v. Lone Pine Corporation, which is a seminal case and measuring stick for many in the defense of toxic tort cases.
  • Serve as national coordinating defense and lead trial counsel for all cases involving a gasoline additive on behalf of a large chemical manufacturer client.
  • Obtained dismissal of the claims of hundreds of residents alleging injuries from smoke and fume inhalation emanating from a New Jersey landfill.
  • Successfully defended the largest U.S. nuclear power operator in several class actions alleging the release of radioactive wastewater.
  • Successfully defended the U.S. government against billions of dollars in claims by Nevada test site employees alleging cancers from radiation exposure.
  • Served as counsel for U.S. Radium in numerous toxic tort and related Superfund litigation cases.
  • Successfully defended a major defense contractor in litigation relating to alleged depleted uranium contamination of a New York community.
  • Served as national coordinating counsel and obtained dismissal of cases in multiple jurisdictions alleging injury from exposure to asbestos.
  • Successfully defended a pipeline owner against toxic tort claims relating to spills from pipeline ruptures caused by a municipality. 


“This group maintains an active litigation practice and makes an impression in several important fields including products liability. . .Clients are pleased with the ‘technologically savvy lawyers’ who ‘react quickly and consistently produce good results.’ ”

—Chambers USA


At Blank Rome, we take an aggressive yet practical approach to the defense of toxic or mass tort lawsuits. We carefully consider the factual, scientific and legal complexities of each case, rather than applying a one style fits all litigation strategy.  We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive and creative strategies that are sensitive to the clients’ needs and priorities, while, at the same time, maintaining a sharp focus on issues and arguments that may create opportunities for early defeat or an economical resolution of the case. We are also experienced in dealing with the insurers for our clients, having earned their trust time and again by successfully handling the defense of toxic and mass tort lawsuits in the most expeditious manner possible.