Global Business

As companies strive to meet the challenges and maximize the opportunities presented by the global marketplace, they must navigate complex regulations governing export and import transactions.  Importers and exporters must understand that restrictions may apply not only to the merchandise they trade but to the parties with whom they trade.  Some companies have been surprised to find that they may be subject to export controls—and possible sanctions—if their products, technologies, or data are made available to foreign persons, including employees or consultants, within the United States.

Our international trade attorneys are accomplished at helping clients understand the ins and outs of complying with import and export laws and regulations.  We interface regularly with the federal agencies that oversee international trade and customs matters, including the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, Homeland Security, Treasury, and Agriculture; the Office of the United States Trade Representative; and the International Trade Commission.  Putting our experience to work for clients, we assist them in establishing and implementing import and export compliance systems and devising strategies for effectively completing specific transfers of goods and services through product classification, valuation, and licensing.